Dr. George Henry Ehlers
BSc. BSc Hons. MBChB.

Dr George Henry Ehlers

Dr George Henry Ehlers General Practitioner

Dr. George Ehlers graduated in 2014 with a BSc, BSc Hons and MBChB. He is a medical doctor and aesthetic practitioner. He is passionate about anti-aging, medical weight loss and small surgical procedures.

About Dr. George Henry Ehlers

Dr. Ehlers’s ability to truly listen to his patients and taking the time to understand their needs is what makes him an excellent doctor. He treats every patient with the outmost respect and makes sure that they receive the best care.

Dr. Ehlers loves to walk the journey of weight loss with his patients on a personal level and help them to achieve amazing sustainable results. He offers his patients the most effective and lasting anti-aging solutions to bring out the best in each individual. Dr. Ehlers also has a steady hand to remove any unwanted skin tags, moles, warts etc.